Breast Reduction

Some women have oversized and heavy breasts. Often they have neck or back pain or shoulder strain due to the weight of the breasts. They may also have problems with a rash under the breasts. Many have been teased in their youth and are self-conscious. The weight of the breasts also causes them to sag over time.

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, reduces the size of the breast by removing breast tissue, fat and skin, and reshapes the remaining breast tissue. This results in a smaller, proportionate breast with a more pleasing shape.

What is the procedure like?
Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 3-4 hours. There will be surgical drains that removed after 1-2 days. Postoperative hospital stay is required for 1-2 days. Sutures are removed after 1-2 weeks.

What is the recovery time?
You should be able to return to work after 1-2 weeks. You will need to wear a post-surgical support bra round the clock.