Breast Enhancement

Breasts are a universal symbol of femininity, and the size and shape of a woman’s breasts often contribute to her self-image and self-confidence. There are several factors that influence breast size, some of which include genetics, weight gain or loss, aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We offer procedures to enhance the appearance of the breasts while aiming for a natural and proportionate silhouette. These are commonly performed using breast implants which come in a variety of shapes, textures and sizes to cater to the different desires and needs of our patients.

We are proud to be selected as one of the exclusive providers of Motiva implants. Motiva implants are 100% filled implants made from an ultra-soft gel which adapts to natural gravitational force and body movements, allowing the breasts to take on a natural, healthy look. Find out more about our Motiva implants here.

For women who have lost their breast or are at risk of losing their breast to cancer, we also offer the option of breast reconstruction.

Find out more about the breast surgeries that Dr Sng specialises in below:

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