Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Using Breast Implants

JOY™ by Motiva

As a certified Motiva JOY™ provider in Singapore, our patients can opt for the use of the enhanced Motiva Ergonomix2® implants in their breast augmentation procedures. Its technology ensures that the implants:

  • Feature advanced mechanical properties that allow them to closely mimic the organic look, feel, and movement of a natural breast
  • Are rigorously tested to meet stringent safety standards in terms of biocompatibility, RFID identification technology, and durability
  • Require smaller incisions and reduced risk of complications with the Motiva MinimalScar® technique; and a specialised post-operative medical bra
  • Come with a comprehensive warranty and various end-to-end support programmes throughout the patient journey

Breast augmentation, otherwise known as augmentation mammoplasty, is performed to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. Dr Sng performs this procedure for women who wish to add volume to their breasts. Breast enlargement helps ladies who are conscious about their body shape, and they gain a boost of self-confidence with their new fuller appearance after the procedure.

Augmentation is also a useful procedure for women who have lost some fullness of their breasts after pregnancy and breast-feeding.

For patients who are looking to undergo breast reconstruction surgery in Singapore, breast augmentation is also an option that may be feasible.

Breast enhancement surgery is commonly performed using breast implants, which come in a range of shapes and sizes to cater for the different desires of individual women.

Motiva Ergonomix implants and Mentor silicone implants are available in round and tear drop or anatomical shape.

While breast augmentation can change the size and shape of the breasts, there are limitations to the results it can yield – it cannot move the breasts closer together on the chest, nor can it lift breasts that are very droopy.


Motiva Ergonomix

Motiva implants are 100% filled implants made from an ultra-soft gel that adapts to the natural gravitational force and body movements. Using a combination of an unique outer shell and viscoelastic properties of the advanced ProgressiveGel Ultima, Motiva Ergonomix effortlessly conforms its shape to your position. When you’re standing upright, the gel moves to the lower part of the implant and breast to provide a more natural tear drop shape. When you are lying down, the gel distributes evenly within the implant while retaining a naturally round shape.

The ultra-soft gel gives a more natural look and feel to the augmented breast. Despite its softness, it is a highly stable gel which permits ease of insertion via smaller incisions on the breast, minimizing recovery time and discomfort.

Additional safety features of the Motiva Ergonomix implant include:

  1. The shell of the implant is nanotextured, which enhances tissue interaction and has also been found to reduce capsular contracture rates.
  2. Q Inside Safety Technology, a micro-transponder containing implant information, which allows surgeons and patients to have access to implant-specific data by using a hand-held reader.


What is the procedure like?

Breast augmentation is a day surgery procedure performed under general anaesthesia. There may be some mild swelling and bruising after the procedure and you will need to wear a post-operative bra/strapping for recovery. Sutures are removed about 2 weeks later.

What is the recovery time?

Pain and discomfort are usually limited to the first few days and is adequately controlled by oral painkillers. Most patients return to work in 4-5 days, although this varies with the nature of your job.

Can I breast feed after implants?

Yes. The implant is placed behind the milk glands and ducts, so your breast-feeding capabilities are not affected.

How do I choose my implants?

Dr Sng will do a detailed examination and measurement of your chest and breast dimensions. These will help determine a selection of Motiva implants that would be suitable for you. You will then get to try on different sizes of implants in a bra. Furthermore, with our 3D simulation, you will get to see a simulation of what you could look like after breast augmentation. A combination of these methods will help you to choose the implant shape and size that you are most comfortable with.

Breast Augmentation with Fat

For patients who prefer breast enhancements in smaller volumes, they may consider breast augmentation with fat. This can be achieved by using fat from other parts of the body such as the buttocks or tummy and transferring it to the breasts. This procedure is suited for patients who have sufficient fat in donor areas.

Although this only gives a modest increase in size, this can be repeated, resulting in larger breasts over 2 or 3 procedures. It also has the added advantage of reducing fat from unwanted areas with lowered rejection risk by using fat from the donor.

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