Body Contouring

There are several types of body contouring procedures that Dr Sng performs. These procedures can be divided into Coolsculpting, liposuction and excisional procedures. It is important to bear in mind that they are not procedures for weight reduction.

Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that utilizes controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat deposits that seem resistant to diet and exercise.

(Please note that this treatment should be performed by an accredited medical professional.)

To achieve a desired body shape, liposuction removes fat through small puncture incisions. This can be performed on targeted areas to reduce fat from specific areas.

Excisional procedures are used when there is a lot of excess skin in addition to fat. This is typically carried out after significant weight loss where the excess skin needs to be removed to prevent it from hanging loose.

Find out more about the body procedures that Dr Sng carries out below:

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