Eye Enhancement

Dr Sng performs both surgical and non-invasive procedures to treat the following areas around the eye:

Eyelid skin

The skin around the eyes is thin and fine wrinkles around the eyes are often the first signs of aging, using a combination of eye creams, peels, injectable fillers and Botox, Dr Sng gives you a more youthful and energetic look effortlessly.

Eyelid surgery/brow lift

Eyelid surgery is performed to create a “double” eyelid or to correct a fold that is too low, creating the appearance of brighter eyes and a more expressive face. This is also used to treat Ptosis, a condition where the upper eyelid droops and may block the pupil.

An eyelid lift helps to raise the brow and remove the excess upper eyelid skin caused by aging in order to restore a youthful appearance.

Eyebag removal/cheek lift

There are two approaches to eyebag surgery that we perform – transconjunctival (scarless) or subciliary (open).

The type of Plastic Surgery that Dr Sng recommends will be individualized based on the severity of the patient’s eyebags as well as the condition of eyelid skin and surrounding tissues.

Some patients benefit from a simultaneous cheek or midface lift, which creates a seamless blend of the two zones and erases hollows, thereby allowing them to look younger and more radiant.


Thermage is used to improve the “hooded” appearance and helps to smoothen out the skin in the area around the eyes and improve fine lines in the region.

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