Jaw Enhancement

You can tap on Dr Sng’s professional expertise as she works closely with an orthodontist to achieve ideal outcomes in jaw surgery. This multidisciplinary partnership is designed to ensure a holistically functional and aesthetic outcome for patients.

Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery

Jaw surgery is used to change the relation and distance between the upper and lower jaw. This procedure primarily benefits patients who have an imbalance of their jaws.

After the Plastic Surgery is performed, the skeletal harmony of the upper and lower parts of the face is improved and this results in dramatic changes to the appearance of the face as well as improved speech capabilities and chewing function. Dental occlusion (or bite) is also optimized during this procedure.

Quality Patient Care Lies at the Heart of
Our Plastic Surgery Clinic

With Dr Sng’s passion and commitment, we strive to provide patients with a highly personalized, transparent, effective and comfortable experience from the first time you step in our clinic to full recovery.