Nipple & Areola Surgery

Areola Reduction
Large areolae are often associated with large & heavy breasts. Areola size reduction is performed together with breast reduction surgery to achieve a proportionate sized breast and areola. In cases where the areola may be disproportionately large, areola reduction can be performed without altering the size of the breast itself.

Nipple reduction
Nipple size can be disproportionately large compared to the areola and the rest of the breast. This may be developmental or may happen after pregnancy & breast feeding, which can also result in a ‘droopy’ nipple. Nipple size can be reduced surgically, however this may interfere with breast feeding and should only be done if you are not intending to have any more children

Nipple eversion
Some ladies are born with a retracted or ‘pulled-in’ nipple, even though the rest of the breast is normal. The severity of this condition is variable. Surgery can be performed to evert the nipple.