A flat Asian nose can be improved by raising the bridge and refining the tip. Using implants with cartilage grafts or cartilage alone, we can augment your nose and improve your profile while retaining a natural appearance.

A crooked nose may be the result of an old injury, or just developmental. Straightening a crooked nose can improve your appearance and your breathing. This may be achieved through cartilage manipulation or grafts, or may require repositioning of the nasal bones.

A cleft nasal deformity is associated with cleft lip and palate and sigmatises the condition. The nose is deviated, the tip is ill defined and the nostrils have a different shape, form or size. This is often associated with residual lip deformities or asymmetry. Cartilage manipulation or shaping and cartilage grafts, with or without an implant, can straighten the nose, improve the symmetry of the nostrils and the tip definition. At the same time, revisions to the lip will help achieve a more balanced and improved overall appearance.