Nose Enhancement / Rhinoplasty

Dr Sng performs and treats the following processes and symptoms for the nose:


A rhinoplasty is a surgical process that is carried out to alter the aesthetic quality and appearance of the nose, or to improve and restore the full function of the nose.

Rhinoplasties can be used to treat the following:

  • Crooked/deviated noses
  • Flat noses
  • Cleft nasal deformities

Crooked/Deviated Noses

Having corrective surgery to straighten a crooked nose can improve your appearance and help with your breathing. This is typically achieved through cartilage manipulation, grafts or repositioning of your nasal bones.

Flat Noses

With rhinoplasty, a flat Asian nose can be re-sculpted and improved by raising the bridge and refining the tip. With implants from cartilage grafts, we augment your nose and improve your profile while retaining your natural, youthful appearance.

Cleft Nasal Deformities

Cartilage manipulation or shaping can be performed to straighten the nose, improve symmetry of nostrils and define the nose tip. This can be done simultaneously with lip revisions to achieve a more balanced and improved overall appearance.

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