Thermage is an FDA approved, non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that helps to smoothen & tighten aging skin. Focused radiofrequency (RF) energy is delivered to heat the deep layers of the skin; this regenerates collagen and stimulates new collagen production in the skin to smoothen and tighten the skin. As it is a non-ablative treatment, there is no downtime involved.

Dr Sng offers Thermage with the latest patented Comfort Pulse Technology – where radiofrequency energy is delivered via a handpiece that has a vibrating function interspersed with the cooling effect of a cryogen. This greatly improves the safety of the procedure as well as patient comfort. Thermage can be used to treat skin on various areas of the face and body and is customized to suit your needs.

Face, neck, eyes
Thermage for the face & neck tightens the skin, reduces the fine lines and wrinkles and improves contours of the face to give a more rejuvenated appearance. Because of the effect on collagen regeneration, the benefits of Thermage continue to manifest over 2-6 months. Thermage can also be used specifically for the skin around the eyes; it improves the “hooded” appearance and helps to smoothen out the skin in the periorbital region.

Stretch marks and loose skin that have resulted after pregnancy or weight changes can now be improved. Thermage can be used to treat the tummy, thighs, hip and underarm skin and improves contours with no downtime. Results can generally be seen over 2-6 months.